“A consummate professional who has a clear idea of what he wants and now knowing how to get it. A great rapport with actors as you would expect from a good actor himself, and a respect for crew make a great mix and can only lead him to bigger and better things.”

Raymond Lau, Producer (Disney’s The Lodge, Millie Inbetween)

“Jonathan is very clear in his vision as a director and it is always a great pleasure for me to work with him at the helm. He also effortlessly manages to keep the set going with good humour which is so vital”

John Leslie. Producer (Zoo, The Last Rifleman)

“A great collaborator, respectful and with a clear vision. Also, a great attention to detail throughout the entire post production process. Jonathan is the kind of director I like to work with”

Brian Philip Davis, Editor (Bad Day for the Cut, Zoo, Devil’s Doorway)

“Every process from casting, rehearsal and the shoot was an absolute dream to be a part of. Jonathan allowed artistic freedom and discovery whilst maintaining his precise, clear vision for the project. He created an easy and fun environment which meant myself and the other actors could do our very best work. I would relish the opportunity to work with him again.”

Fra Fee, Actor (Hawkeye, Les Misérables, Animals)

“Besides being an extraordinarily dynamic director of acting, Jonathan has a highly developed visual sense. Along with an understanding of what the production’s physical, and aesthetic needs are, is the technical knowledge of how to achieve it.”

Norman Coates, Scenic Designer (The Dice House, Proof, Mr Cinders, The Importance of Being Earnest, From a Jack to a King – all West End)

“Jonathan has the ability to really get the best from artists. You’re never made feel like an idiot, and the process is about continual discovery in an egalitarian environment. I was absolutely blown away having worked with him, and want to do it all again. I trust him implicitly.”

Gina Costigan, Actress (The Ferryman, Broadway)

“Jonathan showed a mastery of his craft from the outset and squeezed every drop from a challenging play. He directed with compassion, humour and limitless energy. We couldn’t have asked for more from a director and would love to work with him again should the opportunity arise.”

Tom Aarvold, Producer (Finborough Theatre)